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Ic LTC1174HVCN8-5

PCB manufacturers currently very competitive, and IC LTC1174HVCN8-5 and profit increasingly thin, the majority of manufacturers is difficult to achieve 10% gross profit margin, but they must enhance their competitive ability or chances of survival continue to expand production capacity, or industry consolidation. At present, China is lagging behind the development of PCB equipment, the equipment is more high-end products are mainly imported. According to the information printed circuit industry in China Yan Yonghong, director of view, China has become bigger and stronger PCB industry needs to develop a number of independent intellectual property rights of the Chinese special equipment and solutions provider, and can continue to meet the needs of industry technology development. Related industries is also attracting a number of manufacturers such as laser technology, detection technology, the industry started to pay attention PCB equipment market and development. We hope that China can develop a number of special equipment and brand-name national brands for the Chinese PCB industry has laid a solid foundation for sustained and healthy development.

LTC1174HVCN8-5 Suppliers

Power supply part, ultra Iwate AK780I separated by a 31-type power supply circuit for each power supply is equipped with a 3 Mosfet, supplemented by semi-enclosed high-quality inductors and LTC1174HVCN8-5 Suppliers and high-quality Japanese solid capacitors, to ensure power supply stability, purity, the highest energy conversion efficiency and lowest heat loss.

LTC1174HVCN8-5 Price

U.S. companies still control over half of the IC market. It is clear that middle managers of these companies the information available on the IC industry in China has a very important value. Silicon Valley is now downsizing everywhere, after all, Silicon Valley companies to attract local IC IC design talent in China to grow their own good time to return. However, more than 20 years living in the United States think of Beijing, Dr. Wang Pei Shiyan, president seems to electronic design novice IC design industry in Chinas contribution will be very limited, they are willing to work or returned to the idea of entrepreneurship but also on individuals in the with 10-20 years of foreign experience in IC design IC design industry professionals in China will be the largest contribution, but for these people, far away from home, away from the comfortable and LTC1174HVCN8-5 Price and familiar environment for Chinese companies to join the new struggle is not Their goal, in this age, they are more likely to open the company returned, or a new record company partners. In view of this, we must grasp the opportunity to attract foreign talents return, not only to provide sufficient special treatment, but more lenient policy and employment / business environment.

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