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Li Jianlin, said sensor applications in the wind power industry wind power industry is not just confined to Chinas power industry, the use of sensors so many occasions. In the power plant, power plants mainly use pressure sensors, temperature sensors, flow sensors, mainly used in the field of power transmission voltage sensor, current sensor. Most of them have a technical level is not high, but require a higher reliability and IC LTC1266AIS and stability of common sensors, and require a higher level of technology of light sensors are also less in the power industry applications. The power plant, power station sensor device manufacturers generally choose from the unit, so the relatively high domestic sensor applications. Transmission field is different, the relative power generation, because the sensor is relatively small one-time investment, choose the brand when all grid area is not very sensitive to price, and the use of some relatively new technology that can improve the power transmission level, so the sensor of foreign brands apply more. "

LTC1266AIS Suppliers

HD4870 since listing, we firmly occupy the 1,500 yuan market, so that the GTX260's old rival abnormal depression, however, gradually reduced the price with the GTX260, GTX260 sloping gradually to market advantage, in the face of NVIDIA GTX260 series pressing harder and LTC1266AIS Suppliers and harder, PowerColor HD4870 series, its ATI 1GB version of the fire drill cut prices sharply, a decline of up to 300 yuan, the current price of 1,199 yuan. PowerColor HD4870 video memory with DDR5 1G version of the fire drill is not only a strong lead in performance GTX260, and GTX260 price is also almost the same, the great advantages of high-cost people attention.

LTC1266AIS Price

According to reports, 0765 Best Choice Award No works both unexpected and LTC1266AIS Price and reasonable. The winning entries of the contest is a dark horse in the network selection in the Oct. 10 online voting countdown staff statistics, the work is still in the top ten after the time in the last week, reached the top ten by the , climbed to the mid first place. It is understood that the work has been successfully cut 50, and a reporter from Greece

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