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Motherboard ASUS ASUS P5BSE consistent with the yellow PCB board design, the board all solid capacitors. Unlike previous models, there must be a simple version of the SE tradition, P5BSE very strong performance of the motherboard: The IntelP965 ICH8 chipset is fully compatible with IntelCore&# 8482; 2Extreme, Core&# 8482; 2Duo, PentiumExtreme, PentiumD, Pentium4 and IC LTC1334CNW and CeleronD full range of CPU, adds to the process of a new generation of 45nm processors support; support 800/1066MHz FSB, by way of overclocking can support 1333MHz front side bus, to provide users with greater upgrade space.

LTC1334CNW Suppliers

Micro-projector based on the future of course there are good trends, major manufacturers will certainly have dropped heavily, to accumulate capital, to open up their market share, we look forward to a thriving micro-investment industries, the flourishing of the day come as soon as possible.

LTC1334CNW Price

Siemens (Siemens) latest CPU 412-3H is a low-cost redundant CPUs flagship product, which uses the Siemens S7-400H Series CPUs outstanding performance, with the advanced technology of automatic event synchronization , CPU 412-3H can be achieved without disturbance from the main switch, without switching time. In addition, the new CPU 412-3H also serve as a F / FH (failure / fail-safe type) system work.

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