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test motherboard is Soyo N8 V2.0 motherboard, the motherboard based on NVIDIA's GF8200 chip design, supports the latest AM2 processors support Hyper-Transport3.0 # # # # # As the first PhysX and IC LTC1349CG and CUDA support for the onboard graphics, GF8200 in terms of software applications and accelerate the broader, with mainstream technology optimization software, but also make it even better operating performance.

LTC1349CG Suppliers

Introduction oise canceling headphones is an important application of noise reduction technology. Noise Reduction Techniques in China began in the early 80s, there are three main methods used, including dynamic noise reduction (DNR) can be divided into analog and LTC1349CG Suppliers and digital dynamic noise reduction dynamic noise reduction technology. Addressing the noise problem at home and abroad the most common method is to use simulated dynamic noise reduction, digital noise reduction is still in its early stages. Digital noise reduction technology than analog noise reduction technology has more advantages. Full use of analog hardware implementation of noise reduction technology, modifying and debugging very difficult, changes in the parameters of the components is also very sensitive to specification errors are obvious by the components, noise reduction effect of instability is not conducive to mass production of products. The digital noise reduction using computer technology as adaptive filtering, by modifying the software algorithm to different noise reduction effect can be achieved, do not change the hardware configuration, commissioning and maintenance are very convenient; digital noise reduction technology uses adaptive filtering technology, changes in real-time tracking and further processing of noise, so noise reduction is better. In addition, digital noise reduction anti-interference ability, their own self-recovery capability, and the entire audio band noise reduction in a more balanced, while the analog noise reduction technology emphasis on low frequency, high frequency less effective. Therefore, the future development of noise reduction technology is digital noise reduction technology, digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms and related technical support of digital noise reduction technology represents todays noise reduction technology. urrent products on the market is to simulate noise canceling headphones noise reduction headphones, digital noise reduction headphones only Japan SON

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Blink of an eye in a new school year started! New atmosphere of the school year, the only constant has been the only student to pursue individual psychological wind! Cool, and LTC1349CG Price and respect for individuation, beauty and meaning of both the technical exhibition Iron Man has always been the hearts of the students friends love! new school year begins, we all can not wait to start the alignment of Iron Man began Rights !

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