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Ic LTC1443CS

application of welding technology that the reason the door the young is growing so rapidly, is the transformation of 60 years because people appear to arc welding, electron beam welding, plasma welding, friction welding process and IC LTC1443CS and welding of new welding technology and related processes results. Such as the "VEGA-VB" welding gas and electricity to overcome the high heat input welding method resulting from the base metal heat affected zone, the metal notch toughness decreases and the shaking gas arc welding (SCON-VB) the problem of low efficiency.

LTC1443CS Suppliers

BEIJING, Dec. 20 Xinhua Tokyo - Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (OKI) today started providing built-in 3D surround and LTC1443CS Suppliers and stereo speaker amplifiers, single-chip audio DAC (DigitaltoAnalogConverter: DAC) "ML2611" The sample supply. The precision of 16bit audio chip as the DAC, to achieve the worlds smallest 3.0mm × 3.2mm package. Moreover, also built widely used by most portable audio device processing. OKI plans to start in June 2007 of the chip available in volume. In recent years, mobile phones, PND (PortableNavigationDevice), electronic dictionaries and other portable devices gradually built-in music player, TV and other functions. However, as the speaker size and distance themselves away from the restrictions, it is difficult to achieve an integral audio bass. For these reasons, OKI succeeded in developing for all portable devices, can easily improve bass quality audio DAC chip "ML2611". The chip will SRSLabs company SRSWOW ? and audio DAC chip as the basic functions, while built-in stereo speaker amplifiers and headphone amplifiers are a single-chip stereo audio DAC. SRSWOW as a truly portable device can reproduce the bass part, and to achieve full immersive 3D effects of the technology is widely used in MP3 players. OKI Group official said: "As a result of ultra-small packaging technology OKI W-CSP, this SNR is 90dB stereo 16bit audio DAC to achieve the worlds smallest 3.0mm × 3.2mm package. In addition, we also provide 6mm × 6mm36pin The QFN package. "new products and existing products ML2601 ML2611 difference is: in the current market for mobile phones are selling 3D surround sound chip" ML2601 "basis," ML2611 "added to the DAC, headphone amplifier, and SRSLab Company audio technology TruBass ?. In the future, OKI will continue to audio DAC chip as the center, and continue to improve its product line, developing and marketing a variety of applications to meet the rich sound chip.

LTC1443CS Price

ZEVIO 1020 solution running at optimal speed by more than processor distributed processing tasks and LTC1443CS Price and achieve the lowest power consumption of the most cost-performance. ZEVIO 1020 processor is highly integrated and includes an ARM9 core for general purpose processing, multimedia processing ZSP400 core (eg: H.264 BP video decoding), in addition to a 3D graphics core, and a 2D/3D MIDI sound core. It also integrates a video DAC (digital to analog converter) for direct TV output and an SDIO (secure digital input / output) card slot for data storage or additional peripheral expansion.

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