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Ic LTC1446CN8

Head of Guangdong Unicom's Mobile Communications Network Technology, a leader told reporters the current GSM1X "dual-mode mobile phone" technical specifications have been identified, is being conducted by the Ministry of Information Industry, network testing, estimated that this test will at the end of the year end. Next, the dual-mode phones will be operational within China Unicom and IC LTC1446CN8 and network level testing, is expected to begin early next year, this phase will be the joint CDMA technology provider Qualcomm and the handset manufacturers. China Unicom has been identified as a test point 7 cities, including Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

LTC1446CN8 Suppliers

AMIS announced that its new small version BelaSigna200 audio processing chips already on the market, the chip optimized for consumer and LTC1446CN8 Suppliers and industrial markets advanced small (smallformfactor) precision audio products, use of technology. The product is based on a new small chip-scale components (chipscalepackage, CSP) developed with, and its size is only 3.8x2.4 mm QFN component size until about 1 / 7. BelaSigna200 perfect combination of wireless technologies (including Bluetooth ? subsystem), 1.8V supply voltage and consumes only a few milliamps. It contains the DSP core, stereo CODEC, memory, power management and an efficient hardware co-processor WOLA filter section, which greatly reduces power consumption and chip size, while providing low group delay and adjustable parameters to make it more easily integrated into a variety of designs. Currently, BelaSigna200 goal is to apply small precision digital language and audio center products such as wireless headsets and receivers, so that the size of these commonly used devices continue to become smaller, more convenient and comfortable to wear.

LTC1446CN8 Price

According to conservative statistics, China's MP3 market over 200 brands, more than 4,000 styles, it is of any digital products IT field and LTC1446CN8 Price and can not, then why do such a mass of products and resources can not meet many the pursuit of individual consumers do? The reason is that firms with each other between the plagiarism, imitation, "twin brothers" due to flooding, with the industry is saying is: You have, I have, you have! But the result is not Hello, I'm so, Hello everybody!

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