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Although panel makers generally believe that this year the average market price rose due to panel, panel supply and IC LTC1473LCGN and demand will remain healthy in a healthy situation, will be conducive to gradually switch panel factory loss to profit. However, in the first quarter panel supply and demand imbalance worries fear will occur, all dealers should be prepared to related response measures to prevent the emergence of performance due to an oversupply of strike-slip phenomenon.

LTC1473LCGN Suppliers

From the LED semiconductor lighting Market research firm Display Search Inc. has announced that the latest survey report, the fourth quarter of 2005 plasma panels and LTC1473LCGN Suppliers and components worldwide shipments reached a record high 2.6 million, this figure increased by more than 38% in the third quarter, compared same period in 2004 increased by 120%. Change the company said plasma panel in 2005 has emerged the phenomenon of supply shortages, many plasma panel makers strive to improve their plant capacity to meet the plasma panel demand. 2005 global shipments of plasma panels in the same period in 2004 increased by 101% to reach 7.15 million, plasma panel shipments of components than originally expected, an increase of 16%. In the fourth quarter of 2005, tight supply situation, the plasma panel average selling price (ASP) declined slightly by 2%. Many users bought the large size screen and high-resolution panels, plasma panels component sales revenue reached 2.1 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 35% sequentially. Compared with the same period in 2004 grew 72%. Plasma panels in 2005 sales of components has reached 60 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 42%. Research firm said in a report, the fourth quarter of Japans Matsushita company has regained first place, its market share of 27.1% from the third quarter increased to 28%; Samsung SDI, there is no time to improve the production of plasma panels, which share from 29.5% in the third quarter dropped to 26.7% is ranked second, LG Electronics ranked third, its market share was 25.6%, this figure is very close to Samsung SDI Company. Fujitsu and Hitachi, a joint venture Fujitsu Hitachi Plasma Display Corporation ranked fourth, its market share was 11.3%, South Korea Pioneer 8.4% share of fifth. Research company said the fourth quarter of last years plasma panels in the global market, high-definition (HD) plasma panel components accounted for 51% of sales revenue, sales of high-definition plasma panel components for the first time exceeded the enhanced resolution (ED ) plasma panel components, many of the plasma panel makers optimistic that demand for plasma panel this year will continue strong growth, 42-inch and 43 inch plasma TVs more affordable for consumers to buy high-end electronic products. Expected first quarter sales of plasma panels in the world, the high-definition plasma panel component in the proportion of total sales will rise to 64%.

LTC1473LCGN Price

Logitech most notable is its recently launched two product lines in the 7 major products: the "Clip-and-Go" was accompanied by stickers and LTC1473LCGN Price and deservedly known as the "most intimate companion," the Mouse King - V550Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks, because it is light and the letters of laser etching the thickness of 9.3mm thin as onion skin and give consumers a modern compact, quality of life of the Logitech keyboard glare, known as re-defined a USB speaker sound quality stereo speakers, omni-directional fashion Z5, there used motion sensor technology and light-sensitive "bedroom sleeping partner" Pure-FiDream senior iPod / iPhone speakers, Bluetooth technology to achieve high-quality music, called the demand Music

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