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Ic LTC1474IS8-3.3

11 Yue 14 Ri , IP China 2008 - Fourth China Software and IC LTC1474IS8-3.3 and Integrated Circuit Intellectual Property Summit in Beijing. The IP China summit by the Department of Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Center (CSIP) and the Beijing Haidian District Peoples Government jointly.

LTC1474IS8-3.3 Suppliers

In fact, States United States has entered the mobile phone market, many manufacturers and LTC1474IS8-3.3 Suppliers and agents to taste the sweetness of this sales model, while in the States United States a strong chain network advantages of scale, financial strength and advantages of logistics services coordination, this model is bound to bring out another concern, and many followers.

LTC1474IS8-3.3 Price

June 15 Beijing 135 to 139 phone call transfer fee will be 2 cents per minute all the changes, long-distance call transfer fee remains the same. Beijing Mobile said yesterday that the relevant parties, their users as long as the incoming calls to any mobile phone or fixed phone, 2 cents per minute to be charged; if the call transferred to Beijing Mobile's voice mail, mobile secretary desk or global Call the above is still 1 cents per minute to charge. Before this, Beijing Mobile 135 to 139 users to transfer calls to their mobile phone within the network, per minute charge only a dime, but if the call transferred to Beijing Unicom's mobile phone has to pay the cost of 2 cents per minute . As China Mobile and LTC1474IS8-3.3 Price and China Unicom mobile phone users in a very large difference between the amount of the original charges Unicom weak negative way. Ministry of Information Industry has asked the networks of China Mobile, the Internet's call transfer fee all unified. It is reported that Beijing Mobile has 500 million current users, Beijing Unicom has more than 100 million. (Wang Zhengpeng )

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