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Ic LTC1522CS8

"A good horse with a good saddle, a good car with Sailing" in IT products is often seen in this sentence. And now refers to this sentence is to straight to the point, more direct interpretation of the center of this article. Each computer player is very clear, the graphics card is inseparable from the drive, a good drive to bring more qualitative leap for the graphics card.

LTC1522CS8 Suppliers

Little Optics American PLC technology company today announced the successful development of tunable filters PLC chip. The product can be easily integrated into other types of PLC in the light path. Little Optics is based on the high refractive index glass waveguide material system, the inventor of the patent. Their patented tunable filter product is also based on micro-ring resonator technology. Based on this technology, Little Optics also can develop optical switches, polarization photosynthetic light device, optical attenuator, and LTC1522CS8 Suppliers and other products. All of these optical devices based on PLC optical path, there is no space optical structure, and no moving parts. Little Optics for tunable filters with Flat top spectral shape, is ideal for DWDM systems. Little Optics has been the PLC chip and the corresponding control circuitry in a module products. The product supports OIF standard tunable devices, and through the Telcordia 1209 and 1221 reliability testing criteria.

LTC1522CS8 Price

Above, we introduced another board was named Colorful C.N78MSX5, compared with Colorful C.N78UX5 biggest difference is that the motherboard uses integrated graphics core built nVIDIAGeForce8200 program. Both motherboards on the product features are available for hybrid SLI technology support, of course, the core frequency differences, Colorful C.N78UX5 board will be to bring more players to experience some of the performance.

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