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Ic LTC1693-3CMS8

With the dramatic growth in demand, worldwide installations of photovoltaic equipment sales grew 60% last year, presumably in the next few years, the annual growth more than 25%, while the other hand, the semiconductor industry is expected to grow at about 5%. iSuppli predicts that by 2010, global solar cell and IC LTC1693-3CMS8 and semiconductor manufacturing investment will be flat. JimHines Gartner analyst, said, "The semiconductor industry is a huge market, but along with the low annual growth rate. Many manufacturers of solar energy as a high return on investment under the industry." Conventional solar companies expressed optimism , the more corporate involvement means that the increasingly fierce competition, but also to promote the development of this industry.

LTC1693-3CMS8 Suppliers

Similarly, the equipment manufacturers have also joined the game. Earlier in 2008, semiconductor equipment manufacturers TokyoElectron bring the Sharp Corporation to jointly develop new solar cell manufacturing equipment. TokyoElectrons main rival, AppliedMaterials spent 60 million U.S. dollars in Singapore and LTC1693-3CMS8 Suppliers and the introduction of new plant, which will further expand its solar and semiconductor device production.

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if not engaged in semiconductor manufacturing in the Hewlett-Packard, but also into the foot of the field, a transparent transistor technology the company has received approval SiliconValleys commitment to produce high efficiency , low-cost solar panels. So far, AMD is a small number of semiconductor manufacturers have not announced any solar plans in one of the companies.

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