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the so-called soldiers uncertain situation, the water is uncertain shape. On the one hand, Japan, South Korea panel makers have begun to cast aside, to seek opportunities to set up factories in mainland China. South Korea has been approved by the end of December last year, a key South Korean TFT-LCD (TFT-LCD) technology exports to China, indicating that South Korea can no longer ignore the China market the importance of its panel factories. Samsung will cost 2.2 billion U.S. dollars in Suzhou, 7.5-generation LCD panel plant set up, LGD the company chose to build 8th generation factory in Guangzhou. Japanese manufacturers have also established a joint venture with China above the 8th generation panel plant, to seize the Chinese mainland market.

LTC1735IGN Suppliers

Dec. 13 message to the United States, Japan before the regulatory authorities that may exist in liquid crystal display industry price manipulation investigation started showing a tendency to expand. According to media reports Tuesday, the Japanese Fair Trade Commission has been the object of its investigation by the South Koreas LG Philips, extended to Samsung, Sharp, and LTC1735IGN Suppliers and Seiko Epson and Sanyo display, founded a production joint venture. LG Philips said it has confirmed the U.S. Justice Department and the media, the Korea Fair Trade Commission is also investigating the company. According to industry sources and media reports, the investigation of suspected price manipulation of time occurred in 2003 and 2004. Some people think that these companies conspired to keep the people in the meantime holding no less than the price. LG Philips and Samsung have said they would fully compatible with the regulatory question. LG Philips in 2005, was the worlds biggest large-screen LCD panel manufacturers. However, due to continuing losses, LG Philips, the seat has been handed over this years Samsung Electronics, its second place.

LTC1735IGN Price

Recently, the situation in terms of price weakness, Gartner 2006, the company had to increase the amount of NAND flash memory sales decreased by about 1.5 billion budget. The company in a recent preliminary estimate that the global NAND flash memory sales in 2006 income will be about 13 billion U.S. dollars, down from its previous forecast of 14.48 billion U.S. dollars. Joseph Unsworth, an analyst at Gartner, said: "The only reason for the price, this amount is too big decline, but this is only our preliminary estimate. July and LTC1735IGN Price and August the price is even weaker than expected, while Since the 4th quarter of the shortage of products has improved, ASP / MB of the decline will reach 65%, rather than previous forecast of 60%. "Gartner company in September released a report, due to Apples recently introduced iPod so disappointing, which in turn will affect the 4th quarter of 2006, the overall demand for NAND flash memory market. It is reported that this year a quarter of the price of NAND flash memory also showed weakness. Memory device, a trading company that since the MP3 player market for the sudden drop in demand for NAND flash memory devices, from January to March this year, NAND flash spot prices have dropped by 63%. Of course, NAND vendors are not without good news. The overall capacity of NAND devices, or an increase of 199.8 percent this year. Joseph Unsworth said: "The increased capacity does not change anything, but I still expect manufacturers to respond."

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