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Ic LTC1736CG

Gartner refers to electronic systems supply chain, covering ODM / EMS operators and IC LTC1736CG and chip packaging, the foundry industry; the agency and predicted that the fourth quarter of 2008, chip suppliers will therefore substantially reduce the volume of orders, while a large number of wafers in the third quarter output will be in the fourth quarter inventory. Gartner further warning, the wafer is difficult to digest before the financial turmoil, the stock in the fourth quarter and the first quarter of next year will be significantly reduced wafer output.

LTC1736CG Suppliers

Market research firm Gartner recently released a rare another pessimistic in recent years: that the expected downturn in consumer demand, most of the OEM industry will not be as usual for the Christmas holiday shopping season and LTC1736CG Suppliers and the end of improve the production of electronic equipment, and this phenomenon will cause the entire electronic systems supply chain "upheaval "

LTC1736CG Price

It is reported that the company had said last month, from April to September this year, NAND prices fell more than 6 months before the 45% and LTC1736CG Price and is expected in March next year, prices may down 60%. Speaking of the market, "TSMC, Chartered Semiconductor of Singapore M & A," the rumors, Tsai said: "In this turbulent period, there will always be a different story and act out, not surprised, but never the plan ."

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