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original plan, if the October production, then the order of tens of thousands of South American countries of OLPC sent in time, but now obviously difficult time due to delay in delivery of production the. Quanta side said, OLPCXO computer in October is part of the mainland began mass production plant in Changshu, at this stage seems to regard the process very smoothly, referring to the last minute for MITOLPC errors still do not understand the settlement process, at least in Quanta Manufacturing client does not issue the first batch of OLPC has not renewed doubts, November 1st batch of OLPC will officially shipping.

LTC2052CGN Suppliers

processor, the new specifications, "pork" and LTC2052CGN Suppliers and coming soon, many have realized the average consumer should not have shot the trouble. From a performance point of view, Conroe processors to go beyond the current P4CPU many, mostly proud of its advanced architecture design. But it is not suitable for ordinary consumers, the first time to market late, the real large-scale Distribution in the market which may have to drag in August, 2 months of waiting somewhat too long. The second price is high. Intel recently released from the current price point of view, E6300 processors offer the lowest frequency to be $ 183, equivalent to nearly 1,500 yuan, and the prices of goods will certainly be higher than the price of the media.

LTC2052CGN Price

rapid growth in recent years, the automotive electronics may be challenged. The global market leader in automotive semiconductors Freescale producers in the second quarter growth was only 0.5%. Downturn in the electronics industry chain downstream, the decision of the global electronics industry will remain in the off-season under the shadow of cloud.

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