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Ic LTC3400BES6

A friend will ask, can be overclocked to DDR2800, stability do? Know computer knowledge people should be understood that in the DIY field of overclocking and IC LTC3400BES6 and stability can be said to balance both ends, two opposing properties, in most cases higher overclocking margin, the higher the temperature, the stability of the worse, decided to overclocking stability two main factors, first, the texture of the product itself, the second is to maintain a low temperature; DATA DDR2667 with excellent workmanship, select the finest quality original memory chips, making the overclocking and stability of equilibrium, in other words,

LTC3400BES6 Suppliers

The biggest issue is the way to ensure the luminous life. because of its excellent sealing glass can not be used. Thus General Electric recently "developed a layered inorganic alternating and LTC3400BES6 Suppliers and organic materials, sealing film "technology (Duggal). the discovery of setting down a layer of material by a layer of smooth change of the area is very important results, so luminous life of 5,000 hours of possible adoption into the horizon. GM previously announced 2010 to 2011, the practical goal of "no change" (Duggal ).

LTC3400BES6 Price

Zanji summer is the peak period of summer vacation this year is no exception, the major DIY manufacturers have introduced a series of promotional activities, the most thing as undoubtedly the most attractive promotions for the three Red Sea Standard Edition scraping Overclocking scratch card promotion. First, the standard version of the Red Sea as the overclocking market, the three most popular CPU cooling star products, favored by gamers DIY; Second, the promotion of unprecedented grand prizes are very attractive, scratch cards can be in the Samsung B2230W displays, Apple 2GBMP3, or music Huiyuan Juice fruit drinks, and LTC3400BES6 Price and hundred percent winning rate. Currently, many awards have been produced, there are more surprises waiting for you to come and collect prizes, the other, active time left the last 10 days, the recent Zanji friends do not miss this last chance of winning !

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