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Ic LTC3714EG

when using the AC adapter power supply, LTC4067 can be up to 1.5A for rapid charging the battery can also be selected by external pin and IC LTC3714EG and the charging current limiting resistor for the full-scale value of 20 programmed % or 100%, in line with USB input current limit specifications. Battery float voltage is preset at 4.2V, in the entire industrial temperature range to ensure the accuracy of 0.8%. Other features include thermal regulation charger, automatic recharge, NTC thermistor input, trickle charge and bad battery cell detection.

LTC3714EG Suppliers

Maxim DS4412 launch low-cost, dual-channel, sink / source current DAC. The I 2 C control 4-bit current DAC has two output channels for power supply margin testing and LTC3714EG Suppliers and adjustment and design. Each output channel through direct feedback from the power source of the current node inhaled or to control DC-DC power supply. The DC-DC power control of the existing power supply is only a small part of the re-design, you can achieve margin testing and adjustment functions, the DS4412 ideal for servers, video processing cards and other DC-DC power supply applications .

LTC3714EG Price

ADA4857 Samples are available now, is expected in April 2008 in volume production. Single-channel ADA4857-1 by 3 mm × 3 mm 8-lead LFCSP (lead frame chip scale package) and LTC3714EG Price and 8-lead SOIC (small outline IC) packages. Dual-channel ADA4857-2 by 4 mm × 4 mm 16-lead LFCSP package. Single-channel ADA4857-1 one thousand unit pricing is $ 0.85 / piece, two-channel ADA4857-2 one thousand unit pricing is $ 1.39 / piece.

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