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New Optocoupler significantly improved product reliability and IC LTC902CS and performance Avago Technologies today announced the launch of three reliability and performance can be further optimized for the new gate drive optocouplers. To meet the industrial automation and data center power supply equipment manufacturers want to develop for fast switching operation to achieve higher energy efficiency requirements, Avago Technologies has designed the industrys highest common mode rejection (CMR) (40 kV / μs @ VCM = 1500V) of the new optocouplers. Avago Technologies is an advanced communications, industrial and commercial applications provide innovative leader in semiconductor solutions.

LTC902CS Suppliers

The worlds leading supplier of complete lighting solutions STMicroelectronics has introduced a single fluorescent lamp electronic ballast IC (ComboIC), the product of a chip in the half-bridge controller with integrated power factor correction (PFC) and LTC902CS Suppliers and all the relevant drivers and logic circuits. By integrating these functions on a single chip, STs new L6585 devices to improve the brightness of the light, while reducing power consumption, and meet the relevant safety and power consumption regulations. In fact, L6585 is the first one in the ballast of the "light to the ground" or "block capacitor-to-ground" configuration to achieve EOL (end lamp life) detection of single-chip solution. Ballast manufacturers can choose how to design the first target application in order to simplify the circuit board testing, and passed safety testing ballasts. Previous solutions to achieve EOL detection and special security features of new fluorescent lamps need a ComboIC and several external components, and new product L6585 through a chip will be able to provide all these necessary functions, eliminating the need for any external circuit, hence rate shortened the design cycle, significantly reducing design complexity and cost, and to enhance the reliability of the product. L6585IC feature is independently programmable preheat time and ignition time and half-bridge frequencies for each session. Therefore, this single IC can be used for many different types of lamps. ComboIC of the PFC and Half Bridge chip implementation of two high security protection. In addition to the normal working stage ignition and the lamp voltage and current on the restrictions, L6585 over-current protection can also prevent the capacitor model in half-bridge section, to further improve the reliability of the ballast. L6585 also a number of other advantages, such as, PFC over-voltage and feedback disconnection detection function can turn off the IC, to prevent the ballast was damaged; highly linear multiplier allows the ballast can operate over a wide voltage supply, while total harmonic distortion (THD) is very low. The new devices feature greatly simplifies the automatic replacement of the lamp tube management, electrician replace the damaged lamp without having to turn off the light of other work groups. L6585 with SO20ECOPACK? Package, ordering 10,000, priced $ 1.4. ComboIC the Samples are available now plans to start mass production in January 2007.

LTC902CS Price

drive two main characteristics of white LED, 0.2% LED current matching of 1 times and LTC902CS Price and 1.5 times the maximum efficiency operating mode of up to 87% short-circuit and overvoltage protection * Built-in programmable dimming ICON function agreements NCP5612 NCP5602 supports single serial connection I2C protocol support on the markets smallest and thinnest package

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