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Jun is JZ4755 nuclear "core", so that digital is more perfect, at present, the first king is JZ4755 master plan by the third generation of HD MP4 - Tracy McGrady shook T552 ultra-low price of 299 yuan to visit the Greater China area market, sounded full format HD popularity tsunami, and IC LXT310PE and configure a larger display of Medina T951/T952 has heavy attack, the face of the whole format compatibility, multi-format HD, 720P output, ultra low-power, low price the counter-attack, are you ready?

LXT310PE Suppliers

File formats depending on video decoding, audio encoding format, maximum resolution of Rm, RmvbReal8/9/10 Cooker/RA/AAC1280X720AVIMPEG4simpleprofile MP3/AC3/AAC1280X720MPEG4ASP MP3/AC3/AAC1280X720Divx3/4/5 MP3/AC3/AAC1280X720Xvid MP3 / AC3/AAC1280X720H.264HP/MP MP3/AC3/AAC848X480WMVWmv7/8/9 WMA/MP3/AC3/AAC1280X720VOBMPEG2 AC3/MP3720X576MKVH.264HP/MP MP3/AC3/AAC848X480Real/MPEG4/Xvid/Divx MP3/AC3/AAC1280X720FLVH.263 MP3 / AAC/AC3720X576VP6 MP3/AAC/AC3320X240DATMPEG1 MP3720X576TSMPEG2 MP3720X576MOVMPEG4 MP3/AC3/AAC1280X720H.264HP/MP MP3/AC3/AAC848X480MP4H.264HP/MP MP3/AC3/AAC848X480MPEG4/Divx/Xvid MP3/AC3/AAC1280X7203GPMPEG4/Divx/Xvid MP3/AC3 / AAC1280X720ASFMPEG4 MP3/AAC/AC31280X720WMV WMA/MP31280X720

LXT310PE Price

WMV MP4 areas in the majority decoder chip can not cope with, users tend to buy back the machine missed on the WMV video format, then the king is to break the format limitations to support the new core Jz4755 surprisingly standard 720p WMV, is an important step towards full format compatibility. WMV is Microsoft's streaming media format, which is in the "fellow" of the ASF (AdvancedStreamFormat) format, an extension of more upgrades. Under the same video quality, WMV format, size is very small, so it is suitable for online playback and LXT310PE Price and transmission. Late launch of Microsoft's WMV-HD is established for the new high-definition video standard H.264 data compression rate and the same, the two applications are very similar, with the popularization of the next operating system, WMV range of applications is can not be ignored, the new core Jz4755 on the WMV support is really icing on the cake. ASF is AdvancedStreamingFormat (advanced streaming format), the acronym is developed by Microsoft for the Windows98 streaming multimedia file format. ASF is the core of Microsoft's WindowsMedia, as a containing audio, video, image and control data format scripts. The format is very useful in the network, with great flexibility. In the Internet online streaming ASF file formats, support real-time playback while downloading side, listen without downloading. In other words, fans can watch video and listen while downloading the source, if something more to say so, the first time back in the MP4 to enjoy, without any further video conversion, very convenient.

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