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Gas stations use the phone is really "nothing serious" it? Mr. Lin said, Zhengzhou, Henan Province, a gas station not long ago an explosion of life and IC LXT385LE and property losses, it is because a driver in a petrol station caused by the use of mobile phones. The tanker is now widely used computer-controlled, mobile phone signals may affect device work, resulting in measurement are not allowed, more importantly, make the process of the spark can easily cause an explosion occurred. Not only in the station, gas stations within two to three meters around the phone does not play.

LXT385LE Suppliers

1 LED Technical Overview ED (Light Emitting Diode, LED n energy efficiency, LED has a DC drive, ultra-low power consumption (single tube <0.1W) characteristics, compared to traditional light sources, LED light source close to the point light source, single-phase light, good with light, high utilization efficiency of light. to the average illumination is concerned, a brightness of 50 W of LED lights with 100 W high pressure sodium lamp rather If on the point of illumination is concerned, it should be higher. the same energy-saving lighting effects than traditional light sources over 50% (in real applications as an example). LED light source for the solid cold light source, epoxy resin, light body and LXT385LE Suppliers and no loose section, there is no filament light easy to burn, heat deposition and other shortcomings. When flux decay to 70%, the life expectancy of the 5O000 h, high pressure sodium lamp life is lO000 ~ 20000 h. and its environmental benefits better, pure color light , does not contain ultraviolet and infrared radiation, and no mercury elements, no pollution, waste can be easily recycled. cold light source, safe touch, typical of the green lighting.

LXT385LE Price

Edit Comment: MSI N9800GT-T2D Warriors II512M graphics, whether price or features, by virtue of its low-key style. Even so, that the MSI N9800GT-T2D Xiaobian Warriors II512M cards in the market, there must be some high.

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