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Ic M27C512-15F6

PageNext>Now increasing the workload of the business environment, which requires companies using the technology can withstand the data continues to be accessed, transmitted and IC M27C512-15F6 and stored by the severe test. RealSSD P300 drives specifically designed to meet these requirements, the use of Microns high-performance, high durability ONFI 2.1 34 nanometer single-level cell NAND technology, to ensure that in todays demanding business environment to achieve longer life and higher product reliability. Micron NAND technology and high quality design combined with proprietary firmware that can be achieved P300 SSD SATA hard drive industrys highest durability - 200GB hard drive took a total of 3.5 bytes can be written (petabytes), the equivalent of a day for five consecutive years Write about 1.9 gigabytes (terabytes) 3.

M27C512-15F6 Suppliers

According to Chen Weiming said that with the development of Moores Law, on the semiconductor process R & D investment has intensified, so, TI has decided to start from the 32-nanometer process, not further participation in the development of advanced technology. "90-nm process is a breakthrough, in the previous IDM companies like ours have the advantage of digital technology, but after the 90-nm, TSMC, UMC and M27C512-15F6 Suppliers and Chartered Semiconductor wafer fab operators have mastered the advanced technology, and is catching up with IDM. Now We already have 45-nm process, but we, we do not participate in research and development, we will adopt a professional foundry to produce the more advanced digital devices. "Chen Weiming said.

M27C512-15F6 Price

line for users to consider the premise, motherboards onboard Debug card, power, reset switch, to facilitate DIY players bare metal operations, and M27C512-15F6 Price and provides a SATA motherboard with IDE's transfer switch to the interface and solve the P965 does not provide IDE interface problems. want free access to 20-inch Samsung widescreen LCD?! up to go to Foxconn and Intel jointly organized the "dynamic duo, win surprise" activities it !

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