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Ic M48T18-150PC1

f Rainbow by the color filter (CF) plant transformation, it specializes in technology-based glass projected capacitive touch panel, it is more specialized than 10.1-inch notebook computer (NB) applications Large size, up to 3.5 on behalf of the Hong existing line of Block 1-touch panels, and IC M48T18-150PC1 and the 3.5 generation, 4.5 generation color filter plant and one each, of which 4.5 generation line will be started in January 2010 transferred a large number of touch panel then of all the touch panel Rainbow monthly production capacity of up to 1,000,000 (12.1 inches).

M48T18-150PC1 Suppliers

Around 2000 years, Motorola, Siemens, Philip and M48T18-150PC1 Suppliers and other European integrated IDM competition forced the company will be spun off semiconductor business, set up the Freescale, Infineon, NXP and other professional IDM companies. Japan's integrated electronics companies NEC, Hitachi (which is also integrated IDM companies) to spin off its memory chip division was established memory manufacturers Elpida, later joined Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Mitsubishi's non-memory operations and the establishment of separate joint Renesas Semiconductor, a phenomenon of considerable industry attention. Integrated IDM IDM manufacturers transition to professional firms is the most typical Motorola. When the total of its 2003 total of 39 kinds of semiconductor factories. After closure, merger and restructuring, the last remaining under the 8 most profitable factory in Tianjin, has spent 1.8 billion factory built MOS17 3 years in the maintenance test run, the final way to share transfer, sell SMIC. After its 2004 restructuring, the new company within a year that Freescale to market quickly and achieve profitability.

M48T18-150PC1 Price

the long term, rooted in the micro-company to benefit from Asia, especially China. Yinzhi Yao said: "We see that the Chinese government does to support the development of the semiconductor industry has a very high priority on the location. Semiconductor industry is the basis of the information society, the semiconductor industry will gain more support." "I know that the Chinese semiconductor industry also requires a long process, because a lot of things are new for China. I believe that through continuous learning and M48T18-150PC1 Price and struggle, Chinas semiconductor industry will grow. "Yinzhi Yao said. Yu-think, only in their own ecosystems, established after the conditions of the Chinese IC design companies have made considerable progress.

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