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Ic M51397AP

PIC32 microcontroller family suitable for various embedded applications, including: Industrial (security systems, power meters, smart card / bar code / access control card readers, instrumentation); medical (patient monitors, dosing pumps, blood analyzers); automotive (car data recorders, radios, tachometers, vehicle tracking); communications (PLC circuit boards, media network controllers, GSM back-up controllers); appliances (coffee machine, washing machines, fitness equipment, dishwashers, air conditioning and IC M51397AP and ventilation systems); and consumer electronics (GPS modules, home automation, MP3-player interfaces / adapters).

M51397AP Suppliers

Industry insiders estimate that in 2003 the global electronic dictionary market will Yushi eight hundred million units. Sanofi research firm recently released the first half ended three months of continuous tracking "of the electronic dictionary to buy elements of" relevant data. Data Display: built-in dictionary of the authority has been the primary factor in consumer decision making. As the world's leading brands - HYT, through the investigation also found that - built-in terminal Oxford or Cambridge, electronic dictionaries, dictionaries of sales compared to similar products without the authority of much higher. Electronic dictionary products, once again proved the importance of internal authority of the dictionary. Sales of electronic dictionaries in recent years the top three, and M51397AP Suppliers and both are built-in authoritative dictionaries.

M51397AP Price

automotive industry is working to vehicle electronic systems in the network of existing and M51397AP Price and future as a basis for development of new features. Dynamic Wheel Torque Control Brake (DWT-B) as one of the system - about production and assembly on the BMW X5.

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