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Ic M52743BSP

NFC program is currently operating frequency of 13.56MHz. Experts point out that, due to relatively low operating frequency directly determine the NFC reader is not too high power consumption, low power consumption and IC M52743BSP and transmission range determines the NFC will not be too broad, usually only a few centimeters distance. The 2.4GHz of RFID-SIM card solution you can achieve about 10 meters transmission distance COSCO, can be greater scope to expand mobile payment applications.

M52743BSP Suppliers

RFID-SIM card solution because the technology the leading, China Mobile started the second half of 2009, a number of cities in the country pilot. This will also lead to short-range wireless communications Organization (NFC Organization) strong concern. NFC-based organizations have been committed to promoting the deployment of customized mobile phone solutions, but the program needs to be replaced because NFC phones, the promotion of high cost, NFC program has not been large-scale promotion in the world. And with over 700 million mobile phone users in China, there has been self-developed RFID-SIM card technology programs, the organization could not have caused concern NFC.

M52743BSP Price

delivery in talking about the future changes, Wennan Lan said: delivery will continue to be extended, but extended rate eased when, in the third quarter has ended, the delivery has been further ease tensions in the. Focus on the future of the market is mainly concentrated in the white goods, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, domestic market; but more and M52743BSP Price and more passive components manufacturers have already started on the new energy industry, medical electronics, to give more attention.

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