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Ic M5M51008DFP-70H

It is because of the domestic IC design companies close to 500 business direction will be concentrated in a few areas and IC M5M51008DFP-70H and products, resulting in the domestic IC design industry is becoming increasingly fierce internal competition, and highly vulnerable to fluctuations in individual markets. In 2007 the overall development of the domestic IC design industry has apparently slowed down or even individual enterprises dramatic drop in performance, it is this contradiction highlights.

M5M51008DFP-70H Suppliers

2007 on the Consumer electronics IC design revenue in the domestic share of 40.2%, smart card and M5M51008DFP-70H Suppliers and card reader equipment for 25% of total revenue. These two areas of the domestic IC design industry accounted for 65% of total revenue. In these two areas, the development of smart card chip market driven by the second generation ID card renewal, driven, and consumer electronics chip market is the main focus on digital products, small appliances, electronic toys, such as in low areas. But flat-panel TVs, smart appliances, frequency control, few companies involved in high-end fields.

M5M51008DFP-70H Price

IC design enterprises in China for the current application market has covered consumer electronics, communications, computer, industrial control, electronic devices and M5M51008DFP-70H Price and smart cards, and other fields. However, the domestic IC design enterprises in the performance of these markets is not the "go hand in hand." From the domestic IC design industry to apply the market by revenue structure, consumer electronics, smart cards and card reader equipment in recent years has been the largest application of the two major categories of IC products.

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