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Ic M74HC14RM13TR

to optimize drive LED constant current output (via an external resistor current) value of ambient temperature changes caused by a small constant current (accurate to ± 1%) the industrys highest power conversion efficiency of 85% (higher than conventional discrete solutions, 2 %---- 8%) built-in switching transformer compact Type SIP11 package (32.9 mm x 25.0 mm x 15.1 mm .)

M74HC14RM13TR Suppliers

Days Zhao HDD2531 HDD packaging. Zhao HDD2531 HDD-day long-standing tradition, printed front and M74HC14RM13TR Suppliers and back of packaging products, and the days of the appearance of Zhao's LOGO and the product type and characteristics. Zhao days left in the package is the authentic identity.

M74HC14RM13TR Price

with the economic crisis and M74HC14RM13TR Price and the impact on the semiconductor industry more widely, MOCVD Veeco Instruments and other equipment makers are restructuring law in 2008 Q4, said at the meeting, Veecos CEO John PeELer said that by the end of 2009, Veecos MOCVD systems will use the whole outsourcing business model, also will take more initiatives to cut costs. It is reported that epitaxial equipment supplier Veeco MOCVD system further outsourcing of manufacturing operations to a New Jersey company, and has laid off 1 / 4 position to the end of 2009, Veecos less than 1,000 employees.

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