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Ic M74HC374RM13TR

, The Guangdong Telecom that started in the province PHS SMS interoperability, the original Guangdong Telecom's PHS network in 12 cities conducted a comprehensive upgrade, expansion and IC M74HC374RM13TR and optimization, so with this year's additional 5 cities PHS network can be synchronized as to provide data services. It is understood that the upgrade completed in July, August that the PHS SMS in the province to achieve interoperability. Including the different standards of Shenzhen, "local telephone links," including the province PHS users can send each other text messages, charges 0.08 yuan / article.

M74HC374RM13TR Suppliers

It is for this proven lure of a huge market, before the mobile phone market has been hovering outside the ATV many peers, the moment all entered. Second half of last year, NEWPORT, Kun-day Division, RDA, MediaTek, Innofidei continued with industry peers such as introduction of ATV phone chips, the fierce fighting in the next, ATV chip prices plummeted from last years $ 6 By now around $ 1, "next year, analog TV module prices will drop to 0.7 U.S. dollars less." Liu Yue analysis. Many suppliers to join, for the analog mobile TV market is good, but the news. Because as prices fall, as the mobile phone standard analog TV the likelihood is growing.

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V160 shape cool, bright primary colors black and M74HC374RM13TR Price and silver with them flash when the Shang Huagui highlights, smooth piano lacquer surfaces, soft lines that are just in CECTV160 with soft feel. 1.8-inch, 128 * 160 resolution TFT screen, covering about three-quarters of the body, the dynamic large-screen high-definition images to enhance the visual impact, allowing people to "memorable." With the popular touch-screen button design, design of the bottom four intimate touch shortcuts to common functions moved to the "front", with fingertips lightly touch on the easy operation.

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