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Ic M81C55

6 25, Chinas first largest capacity 90,000 kVA/35kV arc furnace transformer transformer in Xian Co., Ltd. successfully passed the factory test, the technical indicators have reached international advanced level. The success of the product, breaking the last of such large-capacity special transformer completely dependent on foreign imported products, the situation, not only of such large-capacity transformer to realize the localization of special significance, but also for the technological transformation of Chinas metallurgical industry the localization of equipment to provide advanced and IC M81C55 and laid a solid foundation for further consolidation in the West changed the field of specialty transformer manufacturing industry leadership. 90000 kVA/35kV arc furnace transformer is for Wuyang Iron and Steel Co. 100t EAF projects supporting key equipment, before this, the largest-capacity electric variable only 4 million kVA. As large-capacity electric transformer, low voltage, current, technology and manufacturing capacity requirements are very high, in the past used such products in China, Siemens AG and ABB totally dependent on foreign companies imported. Innovation has always been chasing the West changed the company to industry-leading R & D capabilities to design and manufacture of the Taiwan products. In the design and manufacturing process, the West changed the characteristics of the company under the electric arc furnace transformers and special working conditions, fully into account the ability to overload the transformer, through the special treatment of the structure, so that the transformer has a higher short circuit capacity, ability to withstand electric arc furnace smelting process that often appear in the operation over voltage, short circuit and overload impact, the performance of the products have reached international advanced level.

M81C55 Suppliers

n todays factory environment, vibrational analysis is used to identify an important tool for the problem. Bearing damage, gear wear, loose fittings, and M81C55 Suppliers and disorders of the devices may be factory productivity and staff safety serious impact. Thus the need for more accurate, stable and cost-effective solution for the condition-based maintenance. In response to the new component is the growing demand in this development.

M81C55 Price

look authorized distributors operating in the Chinese market conditions, the following nine major changes: 1) the average reduction in the number of agency brands, means the beginning of a a growing number of authorized distributors comb and M81C55 Price and streamline their product lines, from the pursuit of scale benefits to the pursuit of change, to terminate some of their low profit margins that the product less competitive, market prospects poor product line. 2) authorize the distributor to favor emerging markets locked, high-profit applications market, the areas of control / safety / testing and medical equipment, automotive / aerospace and military electronics, computers and peripherals. 3) to provide more value-added services, the rise of services, including stock, OEM service, order tracking service. 4) Support the main content is to provide reference design, field engineering support, with customers to design and technical training, but the optimization guide is a new service. 5) The majority of authorized distributors have begun to provide small quantities of supplies, comply with Chinas increasing R & D activities on the needs of small-volume purchases. 6) Small quantities of the major difficulties faced by supply services has gone from inventory management, human resources, not to the lack of factory support, poor logistics, low profits change. 7) Amplification authorized distributor in China interested in the number of local components of the brand agency, half of the respondents said it would consider increasing the agency the next 2 years Chinese brands. 8) nearly Liu Cheng authorized distributors believe that a drop in demand caused by the economic crisis is the biggest challenge the next year, but they are to innovate response. Open up new application markets, developing new brands ranked in first place, while focusing on building partnerships with customers, corporate structure and management system of adjustment, increase marketing. 9) The economic downturn makes the authorized distributors pay more attention to price factors, supply capacity, and the importance of traditional technical support capabilities are not a small shake.

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