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financial crisis, China IC design industry is also affected by the whole industry chain, the largest part of the impact. As the financial turmoil, a considerable number of IC design start-up enterprise funds strand breaks, business problems. Chinas IC industry maintained rapid growth for many years after, has begun a period of adjustment. IC design companies risk investors began to decrease the heat, A round of investment from 2000 to 2007 fell by 82%. The average size of each investment is also getting smaller and IC MAX1110CAP and smaller, shrinking about 60%. The data from the GSA that, since October 74 companies have since closed down, most are small companies.

MAX1110CAP Suppliers

Japan and MAX1110CAP Suppliers and Europe compared to the stringent requirements of environmental protection, domestic sales of PCB seems slightly different. Hong Kong of China into the circuit board Co., Ltd. Marketing Manager, said Li Shuang-ping, has reached up into the green circuit board directive, 95% of the products have to do, a small amount of products because the Chinese domestic customers because of cost considerations, and still maintain the original process. The company products are mainly for consumer electronics applications such as home appliances, PC, telephone, set-top boxes and so on.

MAX1110CAP Price

Now, Zhejiang PV industry chain basic shape. In addition to mineral smelting of silicon, systems integration, but in the polysilicon, silicon rod production, wafer cutting, production of solar panels and MAX1110CAP Price and components, photovoltaic cell applications and so on are involved. "Threshold of funds into the photovoltaic industry is relatively high, the general capacity of 100 MW scale enterprises started about 1 billion yuan of funds." Shen Zhejiang Fuxin Solar Energy Industry Association, said, want to get into this industry are still flocking to the capital, because the potential the profit is too tempting, "the average profit margin of more than 20%, some more than 30% ."

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