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According to semiconductor research and IC MAX1406CWE and development center in Tianjin University of Technology Professor Dr. Juan Niu Ping, in the past two years, Tianjin University of semiconductor lighting industrial R & D center at Tianjin University of New Campus design, production and installation of approximately 2,000 LED lights, street lighting is mainly used in schools, indoor lighting corridors and halls of residence, of which 15 km of new campus for the LED light source all the street lamps. "LED technology is the lighting industry to save energy and reduce the cost of the latest developments. We are very pleased with the Career and companies to join the international LED City Lighting Project." Niu Ping Juan said.

MAX1406CWE Suppliers

the worlds leading LED manufacturers commercial Rui (Cree) company initiated LEDCity (LED Urban Lighting) project started in February 2007, July 2007, Toronto, Canada Toronto Business Development Promotion Association announced plans to join LEDCity, and MAX1406CWE Suppliers and various lighting applications in the evaluation, deployment and promote the use of LED. October 2007, Michigan became the third state AnnArbor LEDCity. AnnArbor installed in the next two years, more than 1,000 LED lights. Since the plan to launch the start, cities around the world have expressed interest in joining the LEDCity program. Recently, the Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone and Career cooperation to Tianjin, a city of the first LED lighting demonstration area.

MAX1406CWE Price

Currently, LED (light emitting diode) lighting technology matures, high-power LED light source effects have reached 80lm / W, city street lighting energy saving is possible, LED light source illumination of the road has become in recent years to semiconductor lighting industry hot spots. More than hundreds of companies at home and MAX1406CWE Price and abroad into the street in the development of the semiconductor, but have not put into mass production. In addition to technical reasons to be a breakthrough, the high installation costs and the absence of product standards as a constraint to large-scale application of the main factors of LED lights.

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