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"The company has done the greater the greater responsibility on the shoulders." Last week, just returned from study abroad in Beijing returned Zhang Wendong finally have a short rest. Despite the personal net worth is now soaring, but did not stop the busy pace to Zhang Wendong, in his view, the expectations of the shareholders at this time is the top priority.

MAX1472AKAT Suppliers

press found in yesterdays forum, the participating experts generally believe that small is not only contains a huge semiconductor business opportunities in various fields will also change, to improve peoples life. The semiconductor in the upcoming "gold rush" in the market in semiconductor design and MAX1472AKAT Suppliers and highlights the advantages of energy radiation area of Shenzhen, the semiconductor industry chain will also be an occasion to the rise in the eyes of the world, the strength of the semiconductor companies will increasingly strong.

MAX1472AKAT Price

Particular concern is that in order to attract users and MAX1472AKAT Price and enhance their market appeal, various mobile banking Costly, have continued to improve market "chips." In the "hand to pay through mall," "second week" quickly escalate into a "second day"; spike of goods from the "1 cent s worth nearly 2,000 yuan itouch", to "1 cent s worth nearly 5,000 yuan Canon SLR "all the way up. Allegedly, to the end, "a penny worth more than 20 million seconds Beetle", "4,999 yuan value of more than 20,000 seconds, Maldives Deluxe Tour", "4,000 yuan seconds, nearly 4 million worth of brand-name appliance package" will be a grand debut. For a time, each mobile banking Deal or No Deal's style makes phenomenal men can answer.

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