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Currently, Taiwan LCD panel TV with a capacity share of total global Liu Cheng, in accordance with last year, the global LCD TV shipments, Taiwan, there are about more than 70 million LCD annual production capacity of the panel, of which 60% -70% of the panel is the supply of Japanese and IC MAX1483CPA and Korean manufacturers, so Japan and South Korea Taiwan panel makers to reduce procurement initiatives will significantly affect the existing pattern of Taiwans flat panel.

MAX1483CPA Suppliers

many people might think: "Yeah the lights light up a simple, another big-watt light bulb does not become them!" Is not the case! Street light improvement projects is a very complex process, you need to install a set of new lighting equipment, from light bulbs to the shade should be replaced. Director Zhou said that only one street lighting, the value of a few thousand dollars with the TV almost. 2007 to 2008, Japan and MAX1483CPA Suppliers and South Korea formed a panel industry "Sony - Samsung", "Toshiba - Sharp - Pioneer," "Panasonic - Hitachi - Canon" the three major camps.

MAX1483CPA Price

It is reported that a joint venture established last year, Sony and MAX1483CPA Price and Sharp, the 10th generation panel production line, which will reduce Taiwan Panel makers dependence; this year, Samsung, Sony announced a new 8th generation line, per month to about 50,000, is expected in the first half of 2009 production, which will affect Sonys procurement in Taiwan will of the panel; then had to AUO, CMO and other Taiwanese companies have invested procurement Sharp Toshiba panel arms, and announced that beginning this year, all 32-inch panels from Sharp procurement; In addition, the Taiwan panel makers had to purchase all of the Sanyo panels, also recently announced procurement to the Sharp panel.

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