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the worlds leading manufacturer of ultra-high brightness LED Epistar AIXTRON Order two sets to large-capacity CRIUS Close Coupled Showerhead (CCS) reactor chamber and IC MAX1483CSA and a set of AIX 2800G4 HT Planetary Reactor systems, these two are AIXTRON GaN LED manufacturing for large size of the flagship device.

MAX1483CSA Suppliers

WSLP1206 2 ~ 50mΩ resistor with ultra-low resistance value range, and MAX1483CSA Suppliers and can resist high temperature 170 ℃. WSLP1206 resistor size small size allows it to replace larger current sensing resistors, resulting in circuit board space savings, it will be for the consumer to create smaller and lighter products. The device is mainly used for DC-DC controller, computer, notebook computer lithium-ion battery VRM and security and management systems for current sensing and pulse applications; electronic vehicle systems, including engine control, multi-media electronics, climate control and anti-lock braking system your system. AIXTRON has announced in the fourth quarter of the Taiwan Epistar orders, which the company announced this years third major single.

MAX1483CSA Price

last week, we ZOL new Samsung monitor channel "T" series of LCD monitors conducted an exclusive exposure, but also for everyone to bring a map tours (please see "New Samsung 20000:1 machine multi-angle exclusive exposure (Figure) "). In the exposure models, the size of the largest 22 widescreen LCD T220. Today, there are two of the series, Samsungs large-size widescreen LCD monitor exposure, and MAX1483CSA Price and they are 26 widescreen 24 widescreen T240 and T260. In appearance, the Samsung T240 and T260 and T220 are very similar to the 22 wide, are applied suspension designs, coupled with piano paint technology, it is very gorgeous. In terms of performance parameters, where two models have the best resolution of 1920 × 1200, 2ms response time of gray level, ultra-high 20000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and is equipped with a D-Sub, DVI-D and HDMI three interface. It is worth mentioning is that they sleep is the power consumption of only 0.3W. DRL face growing trend, the European countries are actively developing standards. The LED daytime running lights is the best choice, is expected to hold $ 100,000,000 of the market, which taillight applications revenue was flat.

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