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iSuppli has cut its various types of electronic equipment revenue growth in 2008 forecast; estimated global electronic equipment revenue will grow 6.6%, from 1.5 trillion in 2007 (trillion) grown to 1.6 trillion U.S. dollars. The expected number than the company previously forecast 7% decline of 0.4 percentage points. Pichel that 2006 solar the market slowdown was mainly due to polysilicon a serious shortage. When polysilicon 2007 back to normal supply of materials, solar Industry is also expected to restore growth.

MAX1487CPA Suppliers

New, said Wang Xin, the bankruptcy of financial institutions to implement measures, the current authorities are speeding up the formulation. Pedestrian system, the deposit insurance system is being drafted, the Commission is working on the disposition of the securities company risks, the CIRC has not yet started. "These are the financial institutions involved in the specific provisions of bankruptcy, is the supporting system ." polysilicon material suppliers is difficult to catch up with the huge demand for OEM manufacturers and, according to reports, the next two to three years, products have been snapped up a blank. After the most recent period of strong growth, expected in 2006 solar market flat.

MAX1487CPA Price

Recently, the analyst added, " polysilicon of the contract price in the past 18 months increased by 80%, price reached 60 dollars per kilogram. We expect that in 2006, the price will be further increased to 80 U.S. dollars / kg, may rise more in 2007. " polysilicon materials for the year 2007 has been sold in futures, spot prices of these materials recently reached 140 U.S. dollars / kg.

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