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SigmaTel MP3 player has the worlds leading supplier of decoder chip. Actions have been as a threat to the rise of Asia and IC MAX1502VETJ-T and even North America in the business, the company tried to make contact with the Actions. The CEO Ron Edgerton is not the initial idea to court with the Actions, but with the latter to establish a business relationship in some form. However, this time the idea of Actions is CEO Yenan Hong, Actions has grown into the largest Chinese domestic IC design companies, and its MP3 decoder chip market has accounted for half of the global market, should become an independent listed company. He refused to throw to the Hydrangea SigmaTel. Would have expected that, SigmaTel Yi Zhi Su Zhuang Jiang in January 2005 reported to the United States Actions in Austin federal court two months later, the company once again to the ITC proceedings, claiming that this start-up from South China IC design companies violation of IC power management system of its three patents, U.S. Patent No. 6,137,279,6,366,522,6,633,187 respectively.

MAX1502VETJ-T Suppliers

Finally, talk about some of the RDA in view of NASDAQ-listed, and MAX1502VETJ-T Suppliers and many friends are worried about RDA will be playing with toys, because of the relatively overseas competitors, RDA is only 30% of the gross profit margin, net profit margin of more only 10%, in fact, these old Yao is no need to worry about that, first of all rooted for the growth stage, especially micro enterprises in mainland China, the pursuit of profit or the pursuit of market share is more important than the pursuit of gross margin, after all, the purpose of existence of the business is profitable , as long as corporate profits growing, lower margin and not affect the growth of enterprises, the microelectronics industry, general industry back from the high-tech, it is unique to the capital of enterprises in mainland China, but also the essence of industry eastward, which is Wall Street can not fail to note that gross profit margin is to determine the standard U.S. and European companies, but profit growth is to judge the merits of the main conditions for mainland enterprises, as long as profits increase, companies can invest in resources as the development is innovative, different basis of different backgrounds , the way to go will be different.

MAX1502VETJ-T Price

Accessories, Jin Changhong A2 Business Class E power of two by two electric charge, and MAX1502VETJ-T Price and a complimentary 2GT card, a pair of high-fidelity stereo headset, to celebrate Jin Changhong comprehensive listing of products, and now there are many manufacturers to buy Gifts both hands. Overall, this phone is still very worth buying.

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