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LED and IC MAX1684EEE and CCFL backlight applications in the Monitor, the gap is not large, Qiu Yubin said, LED Monitor and CCFL products in the same 16:9, no significant differences in brightness, contrast no significant increase on only emphasized dynamic contrast. However, it is thin and energy-saving LED greatest strength, power saving of up to 70 %.

MAX1684EEE Suppliers

Beijing Olympic Games is an event, it can be said LED event. LED in the Beijing Olympic Games and MAX1684EEE Suppliers and Paralympic Games opening and closing ceremonies on the use of large-scale, is the Olympic Games can not match. When tens of thousands of stars to create the illusion of beautiful LED display before the world, China is also showing off LEDs influence no doubt. LED backlighting in the Monitor application is more dispute, Qiu Yubin said, LED Monitor LED TV later than the start, but the relatively low technical threshold, the current global first and second tier manufacturers have cut into the second tier of contenders will plant was .

MAX1684EEE Price

this technology because of the circuit size increases, increase the number of electronic components without cost advantages, in addition, there is a fatal problem. Absolute value of compensation that must be from low to high brightness light all brightness LED unit of output. To solve this problem, pre-delivery inspection and MAX1684EEE Price and adjustment takes a lot of time and cost is very high. Also, each LED unit will have different degrees of brightness degradation, a potential problem of aging or uneven brightness. Therefore, generally considered two-dimensional local dimming technology in LCD TVs, high-volume products (Volume Zone) on the popularity of low probability. Qiu Yubin said, LED backlight penetration in NB 9.9% since 2008, jumped sharply to 60.5% in 2009, is the most explosive year of growth, while the LED NB is "not back to the road ", estimated 2010 penetration will grow to 83.7% in 2013 can reach 100 %.

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