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POSTS possible that other changes next year, is the "triple play" (referring to telecommunications networks, cable TV and IC MAX1821XEUB and computer Internet), the market for broadband Internet transmission of television programs with the demand will drive the "triple play" of the implementation, but also of competition between operators.

MAX1821XEUB Suppliers

beginning of the rise of early dual-mode, when the market mainly based dual-mode dual standby GSM mobile phone, basically using SIM converter plus Quad analog switch two programs, any place to achieve the two slot card G card or C, that is G / C + G / C. With the development of CDMA, in particular, the popularity of 3G, CDMA, or 3G market with dual-mode dual standby mobile phone-based demand is gradually increasing, and MAX1821XEUB Suppliers and now the chip with SPI interface, dual-mode dual standby is not very convenient, so there were two four-way dual-mode dual standby analog switch programs, G and C cards card position can be interchangeable, but do not support the G + G, the existence of this program is not driven analog switches and signal processing capabilities, poor immunity shortcomings. "Considering the above advantages and disadvantages of the two programs, and customer demand, AI launched the e-AW6322, AW6332 series of single-chip dual-mode single solution." Sun Hongjun explained. AW6322 is a SIM card with a SPI interface controller, can realize any two slots placed G card or C cards, cards to support G cards and any combination of C, namely G + G / G + C / C + G. AW6332 is a communication channel selection function with the SIM card interface driver chips, to meet customers to CDMA or 3G dual-mode dual standby main demand, the program can achieve any two slots placed 2G card or 3G card support 2G or 3G card, all cards any combination of two different formats.

MAX1821XEUB Price

, According to spokesman said Netac, C632 is a global market and MAX1821XEUB Price and put the MP3, it supports simplified Chinese, English, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italy , Dutch, Korean and other languages show, and have synchronized song lyrics display, automatic scrolling and other functions.

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