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tube high-frequency power was born in about 1930 or so. Its main advantage is that tuning is simple, easy to use, despite the high frequency (after the development of surplus audio), or a wide range of applications (in particular about the heating efficiency is not the case.) Its main drawback is that power efficiency is low, about 50%; working voltage is too high, poor security; single small power, etc. [2].

MAX1845EEI Suppliers

Machinery type frequency generators successfully developed around 1920, when Ohio Clark first quenching it for the crankshaft journal, this is the first intermediate frequency power supply for industrial production. Its biggest advantage is durability, in addition to the work of a few years to replace bearings, almost no maintenance. The disadvantage is that the frequency fixed, limited scope of use; area large; noise; water consumption; power efficiency is low, about 70 to about 75% [2].

MAX1845EEI Price

, the high-frequency power supply is the key to induction heat treatment equipment. In addition to heat treatment industry is currently the oldest of the spark gap high frequency power supply is not used, several other power supplies are in use, including machine-style tube-type high frequency generator and MAX1845EEI Price and power despite lagging behind in certain areas or factories, is still the main production equipment. Advantages and disadvantages of various types of power are described as follows :

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