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It is learned that the design is in this idea of excellence under the guidance of Netac excellent work in recent years continued in industrial design. In addition to U208, 260, the end of 2005 has also been a release called "cool shell" P200 portable entertainment devices, integration of the product in addition to movies, games, car MP3 is one of the power advantages, the most favorable market is the industrial design. The P200 stylish cool, unique exclusive video game-style hand-held control panel, showing a trend spontaneously Pioneer temperament, fully meet the gaming group, the psychological needs of ethnic fashion; and IC MAX185BCWG and both sides of the circular symmetry five-dimensional keys more ergonomic principles coincide. Netac company spokesman said in 2005,06 which P200 MP4 Year market, shine, or even caused many manufacturers followed suit.

MAX185BCWG Suppliers

ini-Fit RTC (perforated Reflow) pin: The design of high-temperature LCP housing pin Mini-Fit RTC can withstand reflow temperatures up to 265 degrees Celsius, meet lead-free reflow soldering process compatibility requirements. Pin with a standard Mini-Fit outlets worldwide, and MAX185BCWG Suppliers and use standard polar design. Products, and also with Mini-Fit product line share the same characteristics of other products designed to ensure a high degree of compatibility and reliability.

MAX185BCWG Price

Speaking of bachelor back to school the first thing, even the beds have refused to take a shop, sat down on other people made bed, with the quarters of some "bad people" to the game while Shenkan. Shenkan the process can be described by Mr. Jin Yonglao master on the duel scene description to describe the best part of it comes from other people did not forget to enjoy a cigarette in the cigarette out. As the saying goes: He that knows nothing, doubts nothing, a hostel is a small community, this trend affects the whole hostel dorm room for everyone, if one lived a few quarters to play music, then this quarters of the men must all Xingaoqiao; but if the hostel was admitted to a number of people addicted to the game to life, then this hostel is definitely nocturnal, sleeping during the day and MAX185BCWG Price and the whole class in a row, middle of the night games intoxicated . Sometimes, it is hard to understand their obsession with the game reached such a state, but you definitely can not be used to measure them is not normal, because the university is the way college life is so, handed down from generation to generation. In order to repay the majority of students, MSI installed special Back to School Contest organized by P43, may be able to all students in the new semester academic progress, all the best.

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