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Samsung has always been adhering to the traditional screen Liang, Samsung S7350C equipped with a 2.6-inch 240 × 400 pixel TFT display 16.7 million colors, WQVGA resolution to clearly display text, images, video, etc., feel the visual appeal. S7350C, Samsung also added a unique gravity sensors in the pictures, the Internet and IC MAX1902EAI and watch the video when the screen can automatically switch if they had fully keep up with the trend.

MAX1902EAI Suppliers

According to reports, STMP3600 by battery, power management, audio codec and MAX1902EAI Suppliers and flash memory controller integrated on a single chip solution to achieve more than 70 hours of battery life and smaller size of the design. STMP3600 supports, including MP3, Windows Media Audio, AAC, and OGG Vorbis for all major audio formats, provides good sound quality (based on the use of a Rhode and Schwarz Audio Analyzer technology for the test). In addition, STMP3600 also in a variety of different resolutions and bit rates to support MPEG4, H.264 and WMV9 video formats. Samsung S7350C has a 109 × 50.5 × 12.6mm measurements size, 12.6mm slim, the essence of heritage Samsung Ultra series, to the envy of thin introduced posture, body color Samsung S7350C elegant sophisticated, fuselage back with a unique pattern design, elegant look.

MAX1902EAI Price

[NEW YORK News Guangzhou July 3] the classic Samsung slider series are concise without sacrificing style fashion sense, and MAX1902EAI Price and to many friends left a deep impression. Samsung S7350 is a new machine just listed soon, stylish metallic look and 500 million camera have greatly improved the quality, although the price position is not high, also called second flagship product. Samsung S7350 is currently moving in Guangzhou, the price of Phenom 1980 yuan, the price tend to be reasonable.

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