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last March, has a university education in Shanghai Chuan Wang journey to the network company, and IC MAX197BEWI and served as the Department of R & D center post of the programmer is responsible for part of the journey of the source code online games research and development.

MAX197BEWI Suppliers

Lenovo launched yesterday at the Eighth High-Tech, the first external display of the first chip based on independent research and MAX197BEWI Suppliers and development of domestic security PC security open days M400S. Analysts pointed out that this association is not only following the April 11 release in the domestic first self-developed known as "Chinas core safety first" and "Hang chi" After the security chip, the Trusted Computing is another milestone achieved in the field breakthrough, also completed acquisition of Lenovos global PC business of IBM, the new Lenovo to participate as the first major external event, the introduction of the PC, Lenovo has become a major attraction. It is understood that appeared yesterday, the opening day of M400S security PC, is the first standards-based security TCG Trusted Computing PC, PC to secure intellectual property rights of domestic R & D to achieve with the world leading level. The use of "Chinas safety first core", "Hang chi" CTPM series Security Chip and self-application of a new generation of security software and computer functions, allowing users to be computer network to enhance the level of security can be for the government, military and other national key core computing sector, and provide comprehensive security. High-Tech Expo to showcase the most cutting-edge elements of technology, the most advanced products in the industry reputation for technology development in the coming year to be called the vane. Many of this years exhibitors heavyweight, Lenovo Group, the world because of its acquisition of IBMs personal computer business to become the show has been the focus of attention. According to reports, the exhibition of products related to Lenovos six largest business of its total balance of 100 new products, Lenovo business applications in accordance with its actual situation, the image is divided into Lenovo, mobile life, Broadband related, mobile dreams, digital experience, enterprise computing Innovation and Technology, a large exhibition area of 6 to the public to showcase the future direction of business development and the latest R & D results. Toohey said, such as consumer confidence, employment growth and overall economic growth, and General factors, may affect the sale of the second half still continued to be observed.

MAX197BEWI Price

Last year, the Nanjing Panda Sharp formally introduced the 6th generation line, the 8th generation line BOE Beijing Beijing to start, LGDisplay expansion of the Guangzhou factory and MAX197BEWI Price and build the first 8.5-generation line . Followed by TCL and deep ultra-Technology announced a joint venture to build a total investment of 24.5 billion up to 8.5 generation LCD panel plant, the project was officially started early this year. Recently, Samsung will not only spread the LCD panel plant located in Fuzhou, the news also said two weeks ago, Taiwans AU Optronics plans to build the first 7.5-generation line of the mainland.

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