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Classic black, giving fashion, mysterious feeling, soft coffee color, giving a sense of affinity and IC MAX202EEPE and stable, and that these two colors together give people the kind of feeling? Think to understand is definitely a beautiful design, very artistic. Recently, the company launched by the Newman MP4 player-NUNUX05 a comprehensive listing of the positive pure black, the back of the net café design people feel amazing. And the market price of the player which is only 199 yuan (2G), so just a listing will sell hot as this summer's most popular digital audio and video products. circuits and working principle of .1 AT89C2051 hardware design osed by the thermometer consists of three parts: DSl8B20 temperature sensor, microcontroller AT89C2051 by the LED

MAX202EEPE Suppliers

C Serial port uses a standard RS 232 interface, the microcontroller serial port level is FTL level, while the TTL level characteristics and MAX202EEPE Suppliers and electrical characteristics of RS 232 does not match, so in order to make the microcontroller serial port with RS 232 interface communication, you must be the serial port input / output level conversion. Usually done with MAX232 level shifter chip.

MAX202EEPE Price

IE47-3A with soda water circuit through the motor-driven three-way valve connected to Feng Shui heat exchanger, then through the front panel controls can be manually or automatically adjust the three-way valve to control access to the heat exchanger in the soda water flow, so that the soda water to keep almost constant average temperature. Loop in the soda water meter installed to monitor the flow and MAX202EEPE Price and temperature protection switch

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