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With the improvement of living standards, the traditional home theater has begun to move towards a true digital. Newman's new TV hard TV700, not only to highlight the diversification effect, breaking the hard drives has long been more a single function, which supports full HD 1080i video output, it is the pursuit of high quality to meet the user arising from the extraordinary audio-visual enjoyment, to promote the industry into high-definition era of great momentum. in January this year, the company said that it would launch RIMs Blackberry mobile standard TD, the news was announced, the industry view is that there is likely to TD using the Blackberry version of Marvells PXA series chip.

MAX208CNG Suppliers

mainly in storage, communications and MAX208CNG Suppliers and consumer silicon-based chips in mobile phones already Marvell concentrated grinding for many years. In 2006, Marvell has invested 600 million U.S. dollars acquisition of Intels XScale communications and application processor business, to re-launch of PXA series of optimized chip.

MAX208CNG Price

In addition to the traditional four TD chip makers, chip manufacturers overseas TD coveted on the scale of this growth into emerging markets. Last year, the U.S. chip maker Marvell has released the first single-chip TD-SCDMA solution PXA920, and MAX208CNG Price and successfully obtained a variety of OPhone phone chip orders.

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