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While micro-blog for many people is still a new thing, but its growth rate as in the past the Internet industry, Moores Law, showing a geometric growth. Take the most famous micro-blog site Twitter, it just set up in March last year, in March this year will be the 10th U.S. aspirations to SXSW Award for the best blog site, this time in a year that the number of users has reached 10 after the development of million in the face of it this number is not an exaggeration, but think of many well-known sites have a huge number of loyal blog subscribers can learn a share, has been rare. According to the statistics, Twitter users have reached 50 million. Of course, the Internet is not a micro-blog has long been dominated by the United States, Facebook f8, Finland, Jaiku, Germany niimo, Italy meemi, and IC MAX220CWE and even Chinas Tencent surging, grumble distortion de, rice has come and so in the era of micro-blog stand out . Like last years hot Yourtube as micro-blog suddenly in the limelight, another focus.

MAX220CWE Suppliers

Sony W220 with 12.1 million effective pixels SuperHADCCD and MAX220CWE Suppliers and 4x optical zoom Carl&# 8226; Zeiss "Vario-Tessar" lens, 30mm wide-angle end can be achieved. 4000 × 3000 resolution and with far-reaching effects of a broad, quality excellent. DSC-W220 uses a "double anti-shake" solution, optical image stabilization and high sensitivity of the double protection, effective in relieving low-light due to camera shake or blurred images generated for the present a clear picture to provide a stable guarantee. Strings music show is also very interesting feature, free with the order screen and accompanied by background music, very entertaining. It can also capture 640 × 480,30 frames / sec video clip of fine quality, very powerful. W series products are equipped with Intelligent Scene Recognition mode, optimizing the "Smile Shutter" mode and "face detection" recognition. More humane for the user an easy shooting experience simple and convenient.

MAX220CWE Price

E1909WFP19 inch widescreen Dell LCD monitor display is very clear layering of color, color saturation is high, can provide users with very real, bright colors, the overall picture display unusually good. In the horizontal viewing angle, the Dell E1909WFP can reach 160 °.

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