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iSuppli said Dale Ford, senior vice president, as the global financial crisis, consumer confidence has fallen. This will limit consumer electronics and IC MAX233ACWP and PC expenses. Orders for these products to reduce the impact on the semiconductor chip manufacturers. Liugewantong responsible for external propaganda Huang Yiping told reporters, as Liugewantong management have been in many large Japanese companies or research institutes chip design work, this experience is brought to Liugewantong digital, analog and mixed digital-analog scale high-speed low-power chip design technology capital.

MAX233ACWP Suppliers

China Broadband Wireless IP Standard Working Group spokesman had previously said that the current flourishing of the domestic industry, WLAN, WLAN chip market has not formed an oligopoly structure. 2002, there Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, Jinpeng other enterprises launched related products. At the same time China is also a large electronics, such as domestic enterprises develop Liugewantong including baseband, radio frequency chip chipsets, including WLAN, WLAN industry chain in China has been a little shape.

MAX233ACWP Price

China immediately tit for tat. Telecommunications Research Institute of Ministry of Information Industry Center Director Chen Yuping stated publicly, even if Intel is really the end of May this year to stop sales of wireless chips in China, it will not affect the implementation of Chinas WAPI standard because the Chinese have their own chip manufacturers, the ability to produce own wireless chips.

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