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"The problem is that high-power LED lighting technology is still immature, large-scale commercial reach, cost too high." Jiangsu business manager, told reporters in a LED. Industry as a shrewd operator, the manager closely the development of LED lighting technology. "I can fully open up the machine, the production of such lamps, but I will not, because now the market is not mature application, but the advantage of light determines its promising ."

MAX233CPP Suppliers

According to media, "Daily Telegraph" said Sonys development of new varieties of solar cells are the next generation of battery, it will silicon solar cells based on a threat. Media reported that due to higher oil prices and MAX233CPP Suppliers and strong demand for renewable energy, global sales of solar cells will continue to grow strongly. but Chengdu 6,000 yuan per lamp (150W) the use of price doomed, in the present, LED lighting, energy-saving demonstration significance only.

MAX233CPP Price

ITC expressed the hope that a restraining order to understand the "state of competition in the U.S. economy" effect. The agency pointed out that Sharp sued Samsung LCD modules infringe patents held by, and MAX233CPP Price and Samsung in patent case in the other accused with the Sharp Aquos LCD TV modules in violation of its patents. From a global perspective, in 2008 the world has 183 million street lights, the vast majority of high and low pressure sodium and mercury vapor lamps, LED lamps only about 900,000, accounting for only 0.5. With the government actively promoted throughout the world in 2009 is expected to reach a proportion of about LED lights, the 2010 proportion will increase to 2.2, that is, about 4.5 million.

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