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In order to achieve accurate one-click navigation, Newman installed the latest mobile phones for the G32 Kay Rucker genuine electronic map system, do not look down the system, it provides you with a detailed lifestyle information, no matter where, can query the location of restaurants, supermarkets, bank branches, district, more than 10 categories of information in more than 100 small class life in order to protect your trip worry-free, and IC MAX239CWG and Newman also presented some time later the electronic map of the free upgrade service removed for the user to worry about. And to make your driving safer, this product also comes with a car holder, and the addition of stereo Bluetooth functionality, so you do not need both hands to obtain navigation information can also be done with the call handling, really sweet and thoughtful! # # # # # [YORK Beijing June 23 news] Newman freshly G32 mobile phone, mobile phone and GPS can be called a perfect combination of navigation, but also has all the advantages of two types of products is the biggest advantage of this phone. The difference is that with ordinary mobile phones, G32 built a very sophisticated satellite signal receiver and the computing power of super-chip central processor. Meanwhile, Newman G32 also has an excellent entertainment features, is the so-called happy in the way, Newman has brought tangible benefits of GPS navigation G32 new entertainment options, the current machine has arrived Hongxin pass, listing price is only 899 yuan. SGM4727 the operating voltage of 1.8 ~ 5.5V, on resistance 9Ω @ 5V, quiescent current <5uA, a bandwidth of 500MHz, switching speed Ton 26nS, Toff 20nS, high channel isolation 66DB @ 10MHZ, low CROSSTALK105DB @ 10MHZ, can signal to achieve the rail to rail operation.

MAX239CWG Suppliers

St State Microelectronics (SG Micro) latest SGM4727, is for the SD Card, Tflash Card, Simcard switch high-speed storage devices, a dual analog switch, compatible with CMOS and MAX239CWG Suppliers and TTL logic level This product can be widely used in mobile phones, GPS, consumer electronics need to switch storage device market.

MAX239CWG Price

80% agents suppliers, and MAX239CWG Price and the remaining larger for the industry of professional distributors. 10,000 public inquiries global supplier of credit information and 30,000 sales contact information. Epson will strengthen and improve through the use of its low-power analog IP (Low Power Analog IP) / low-leakage process (Low Current Leak Process) / green power calculus France (Eco-friendly Power Algorithm) technology, products, sustained commitment to respond to customer needs.

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