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Yesterday, the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Committee of Consumer Electronics General Zhou service to the "First Financial Daily" said that the Ministry of Information Industry, the industry standard - "Consumer electronics manufacturers service specifications" ( hereinafter referred to as the "standard") is expected to be officially promulgated in the first half of this year.

MAX241CAI Suppliers

Fall 2006 EDUCATION equipment exhibition, scheduled for 2006 October 13 to October 17 in Zhejiang Province, held in Ningbo International Convention and MAX241CAI Suppliers and Exhibition Centre. Conference organized by the China Association of Higher Education, the Chinese Society of Laboratory Management Branch Higher Education in collaboration with University Laboratory of Zhejiang Province, will host. By the China Educational Instrument Equipment Corporation organized by the China International Education Technology and Equipment Exhibition was held with the same period, there will be Europe, Asia and other international companies to exhibit teaching instrument. First, the fall of 2006 EDUCATION equipment exhibition schedule: October 13, 2006 to 14 daily to, move; October 15 to 17 show; 17, began the night of the evacuation. II, Hall Location: Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Centre. Address: Exhibition Road, Ningbo, Zhejiang 181. Third, the meeting Scale: 1, booth number: 1600 -1800 2 international standard booths, to be the number: 8,000 -10,000 four people Contact: Contact: China Beijing Hutong Xidan 35 large wooden warehouse office of China Association of Higher Education Contact: Sha Meigao Xiao Jie Yu Tel: +86-10-66097229 +86-10-66011537 Fax: +86-10-66011537 E-mail:

MAX241CAI Price

Industry Outlook 2011 for further observation, Lin Wenbo said, smart phones and MAX241CAI Price and tablet PCs will continue to grow, Intel estimated PC shipments will grow in 10% of IDC, predicts that smart phones will increase from 24 to 26 % (middletwenty), Gartners estimate of the amount of tablet PCs will grow 200%. By inference, the semiconductor industry will continue stable growth in 2011. Various research institutions is generally estimated that the current 2011 semiconductor production value will grow in the single digits range, although the 2011 is not high visibility packaging and testing outsourcing, coupled with the interference of the overall economy, but in 2011 he predicted the growth rate of IC packaging and testing industry, ranging from tall digit to low double-digit rate, that is 7 to 13%. Lin Wenbo hope that the performance of silicon products can be better than 2011, the industry average.

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