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interested parties have had statistics, the worlds electronic trash, 80% was exported to Asia, 90% into China. At present, China has become the worlds number one export destination waste. In fact, China from 2002 to ban e-waste imports, but there are a large number of ports engaged in illegal trade. Some companies seek profit, e-waste from abroad, serious damage to the environment. E-waste processing in the main distribution Guiyu Guangdong, Qingyuan Long Town, Dali Town, Nanhai, Zhejiang Taizhou in other, especially in Guangdong and IC MAX261ACWG and Zhejiang, the most serious. in the traditional household appliances, recycling "out of home appliances "Always and marginalized, only a handful of companies are still holding on.

MAX261ACWG Suppliers

Fuding advanced (APEC) launched a mining SOP-8 or TSSOP-8 package, with low-cost, high efficiency, 200KHz or 400KHz Synchronous Buck Controller APU3037, can provide up to 500mA peak output current. Through the constant frequency voltage mode architecture, operational in a wide range of input voltage range, in particular single 5V or 12V power input operations, for DDRMemory, GraphicCard, HardDiskDrive, DC-DCConverter (especially on the LCDTV power supply DC converter to DC). APU3037 can produce a minimum output voltage of about 0.8V, it can drive the latest generation of low-voltage DSP and MAX261ACWG Suppliers and microcontroller; 400KHz (or 200KHz) of the switching frequency, can reduce the wiring area of the purpose, low cost capacitors and inductors, as Application provides a very low-cost solution. In addition, the internal components with the under-voltage protection, low voltage to provide a large current protection and internal high-speed switching frequency up to about 91% or more efficiency. And feedback compensation operation, allowing APU3037 achieve high stability against noise, high sensitivity, allows designers to easily design and debug purposes. APU3037 switching frequency can be 200KHz, APU3037A switching frequency can be at 400KHz, and the activation of both the soft boot with external control functions. Other features include new products, the maximum feedback voltage accuracy of 0.35% rate and short circuit protection is available now.

MAX261ACWG Price

Tiger at the beginning, everything looks updated. In this Spring Festival, the domestic brand of cutting-edge digital re-development effort Baidu Digital HD market, following the touch HD B929, B999 sought-after consumer market and MAX261ACWG Price and access to recently have a new HD exposure, model B618. The machine uses the third-generation high-definition MP4 program, to bring dual-core CPU, full-format compatibility, multi-format playback 720P, 720P output, long life and other killer ready to go, we might see next.

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