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Beijing August 19, according to foreign media reports, Intel and IC MAX3080CSD and Micron have begun to release the next generation 25 nanometer NAND memory chips, in order to achieve maximum efficiency, the chip uses a three-tier storage unit technology.

MAX3080CSD Suppliers

LED is the leading PC thermal generation plant across the main obstacle to conversion, in order to solve this problem, always good to buy before the dyeing and MAX3080CSD Suppliers and finishing plant Kameyama plant, mass production expected in the third quarter, will be available for the next level in the plating line in Taiwan and thermal aluminum production purposes. Currently shipping to the small size (nine inch or less) LED heat sink main customers include AU Optronics, Chi Mei Optoelectronics, the current medium-size (fifteen to twenty two inches) are also samples, mainly used in LCDTV. Its current four and six main production CNC board, accounting for about four into a standard percentage of revenues from the server to a five percent as a proportion of the remaining products Zeyi photovoltaic panels (TV panels), mechatronics, industrial computers based, LED heat sink future products will gradually be increased.

MAX3080CSD Price

It Displayresearch, 3 saw global sales respectively, compared with the overall TFTLCD February and MAX3080CSD Price and last year increased 16% and 5% to 4.9 billion. March of the ring than the rate of growth since September 2006 is the highest level. Year growth rate also increased, to return to the last year in December and January this year, when the level. AU Optronics (AUO) of the year the highest growth rate of 29%. LPL-year growth rate of SVA-NEC and tied for second at 28%. Sales of large-size panels, respectively, a year earlier than February and up 17% and 6% to 4.6 billion.

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