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Panasonic products will be the positioning of its revenue with the end of 2009 as a subsidiary of Sanyo Electrics "first co-product" (Panasonic). Solar cell modules produced by Sanyo Electric, Sanyo Electric developed using the cell structure "HIT". The cell structure of polysilicon and IC MAX319ESA and amorphous silicon by stratification, can achieve higher conversion efficiency. Sanyo has started selling the module using the cell structure, the module conversion efficiency of 16.8%, 16.4% higher than the original. But this is not by changing the cell structure can be accomplished, but by improving production efficiency, ensure a high 16.8% module yield, making the supply 16.8% of the products possible.

MAX319ESA Suppliers

Recently, Matsushita held press conferences, announced July 1, 2010 will be officially involved in solar cell business. Conference, Panasonic, Matsushita Electric and MAX319ESA Suppliers and Sanyo Electric three were related to the companys head on stage, introduced a group of people concerned about the integration and comprehensive strength and so on. In addition, the conversion efficiency as high as 16.8% of Sanyo Electric mechanism module uses a combination of a Panasonic set of modules and other home appliance technology, and connectivity products.

MAX319ESA Price

World Cup in South Africa before the introduction of this section LED Internet TV, it is not the scene for the fans view of the ball provides a good choice. According to an official said CNTV, CNTV won the exclusive live video right to the World Cup in South Africa, this section LED Tongfang Internet TV LE-42B9000I than other Internet TV and MAX319ESA Price and Internet video broadcast 270 minutes ahead of schedule.

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