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Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) announced two up to 4.25Gbps data rates to support the new cross-point switch. These two 4 × 4 and IC MAX3232ECPE and 2 × 2 switch products of high speed, low power and low jitter performance to achieve the perfect combination of great applications such as XAUI signal buffering / multiplexing, backplane redundancy and wireless IP network routers, base stations and terminal equipment in the work of the high-speed network routing applications. SN65LVCP404 and SN65LVCP402 crosspoint switch can be either as a dual capacity as the buffer for the designers great flexibility, enabling them to these two products are widely applied to the mass consumer market in various application areas. Other key benefits include: ? Receive Equalization (RxEQ) and transmit pre-emphasis feature can significantly improve signal integrity, and to achieve longer transmission distances; ? resistance control allows designers to pre-emphasis according to different trace or cable length the flexibility to tune the output; ? 600mW low power consumption allows designers to achieve higher port density for more compact packaging of products; ? external control of Vbb to work with different types of input / output connected to implement the interface; ? 4.25 Gbps excellent jitter performance (30ps) allows designers to fully meet the jitter budget. SN65LVCP404 SN65LVCP402 crosspoint switch with these two new members to further enrich the interface, TI extensive product line camp, the product line includes solutions for M-LVDS, LVDS, PECL, RS-485, PCI-Express, thousands of Gigabit Ethernet serializer / deserializer, and additional applications such as cross-point switch. In addition, TI also provides for single and multi-core communications infrastructure optimized for the full range of DSP solutions. The DSP support multiple air interface standards, various types of base stations and core network applications such as transcoding and single-chip media gateways. With the objective third-party software libraries and reference designs, TI market for communications infrastructure to provide the most robust and reliable products. Respectively, a 48-pin and 24-pin QFN lead-free package SN65LVCP404 (4x4) and SN65LVCP402 (2x2) is available now.

MAX3232ECPE Suppliers

In addition, UCD9111 and MAX3232ECPE Suppliers and UCD9112 devices can support up to 80 PMBus ? interface commands in order to achieve power control, configuration and management functions work only when the minimum supply current 7 mA.

MAX3232ECPE Price

. High sensitivity xpect a "button" type of low-power solution or method. The design process must be achieved at all stages of power management - sometimes need to design decisions, and MAX3232ECPE Price and sometimes more automated implementation.

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